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X-AIRIn 1993, RAJ HAMSA launched an entirely new line of 3-Axis conventional controls Microlight Aircraft. This was the beginning for the X-AIR, which was to become one of the Microlights manufactured in the largest numbers world-wide: in fact today, more than 1300 X-AIRs are flying all over the world. Strong of a British Section "S" Certification for all models, as well as a LSA Certification for the "H" (Hanuman) model, the factory is taking steps to further increase the production capacity and cater for the increasing demand.

AEROMNIA sells and assists all the X-Air models from the beginning of its activity on 2006.

X-Air S

X-AIR SThe X-AIR S (Standard) is a conventional 3-axis aircraft two-seater side-by-side, with high wings, tractor engine in front and Tricycle Landing Gear.
The Cockpit can be semi-open, or fully closed with optional "Lexan" doors, offering an optimal panoramic view to pilot and passenger.

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X-Air F

X-AIR FX-AIR F is the evolution of X-AIR S. The fuselage has been extended and offers an improved aerodynamic efficiency. The wing has been redesigned to give much more efficiency, adding FLAPS to maintain the STOL characteristics.
The result is a faster, agile aircraft capable of traveling longer distances and still able to land on small & rough country airstrips.

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X-Air H

X-AIR HanumanThe X-AIR H (Hanuman) is the evolution of the X-AIR concept, in view of realize a microlight airplane with a more conventional aircraft look. The result is a versatile Aircraft capable of being used for various tasks.
The inherent stability of the Hanuman, combined with its low takeoff & landing speeds make it a very forgiving Aircraft.

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