airplaneAn airplane is a fixed wing aircraft capable of flight using wings that generate lift due to the vehicle's forward airspeed and the shape of the wings.
The airplane is the most famous aircraft in the world. The first real airplane came to light in 1903, when the Wright brothers were able to fly to a sort of glider with an engine of 16 hp at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, USA.

AEROMNIA personnel normally comes from airplanes operating experience. Our company sells, assists and operates airplanes from the beginning of its activity in 2006.


SkyleaderJIHLAVAN Airplanes s.r.o., is a Czech company and 100% subsidiary enterprise of SKYLEADER a.s., was established after takeover of all rights and production technology of the aircraft developed from the company KAPPA 77 s.r.o., in March 2005.
With the usage of such know-how the company designs, manufactures, sells and maintains aircraft under the SKYLEADER trade mark. With support of the Institute of Aerospace Engineering at the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, the aircraft gamma has been continuously innovated.

The SKYLEADER concept is an all metal, low wing, constructed aircraft with a trapezoidal wing. The aircraft has a tricycle towed landing gear with a steerable nose wheel and either retractable or fixed gear options. The aircraft are designated mainly for recreational flying, pilot training and special operations and can be customized based on each customer requirements.

High safety standards, impressive flight characteristics and timeless design are the results of a real ASTM certified aeronautical production. Easy repairs and maintenance guarantees a low operational cost.

SKYLEADER models, can now satisfy various needs; from the original model Skyleader 150, previously well-known around the world as Kappa Sova, many other model are in continuous development and improvement to complete one of the best light airplanes production in Europe.

  • SKYLEADER 100 (one-seater UL category MTOW 315 kg)
  • SKYLEADER 150 (two-seater UL category MTOW 472,5 kg) formerly known as Kappa Sova
  • SKYLEADER 200 (two-seater UL category MTOW 472,5 kg)
  • SKYLEADER 500 (two-seater UL/LSA category MTOW up to 580 kg)
  • SKYLEADER 600 (two-seater UL/LSA category MTOW up to 600 kg)

AEROMNIA sells assists and operate SKYLEADER aircraft from 2006, continuously demonstrating its amazing capabilities around all Europe.



X-AIRIn 1993, RAJ HAMSA launched an entirely new line of 3-Axis conventional controls Microlight Aircraft. This was the beginning for the X-AIR, which was to become one of the Microlights manufactured in the largest numbers world-wide: in fact today, more than 1300 X-AIRs are flying all over the world. Strong of a British Section "S" Certification for all models, as well as a LSA Certification for the "H" (Hanuman) model, the factory is taking steps to further increase the production capacity and cater for the increasing demand.

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