Skyleader 200

skyleader 200 SKYLEADER 200 is a conventional two-seater, all-metal, low-wing aircraft with whose straight wings have winglets at the tips. The aircraft has a retractable tricycle landing gear and steerable nose wheel as standard. A fixed landing gear version is also available on request.

SKYLEADER 200 provide safety, prestige and emotion to customers around the world. Superb performance with economy of operation.

SKYLEADER 200 construction technology was designed for a wide range of flight missions with maximum flight enjoyment:

  • Recreational flying
  • Comfortable cruising
  • light training
  • Glider / banner towing
  • Special operations (border patrol, coast guard, fire observer, traffic control)


Aircraft can be customized based on each customer requirements. You will be impressed by the high safety standards, impressive flight characteristics and timeless design which is the result of real ASTM certified aeronautical production. Easy repairs & maintenance guarantees the low operational costs.

SKYLEADER 200 is a true "multi-role" aircraft, able to operate out of minimal landing strips of 200 metres length but with the ability to cruise at high speeds (215 km/h) thanks to its clean and aerodynamic lines.
Its 10 meter wingspan with Fowler flaps give it outstanding low speed handling qualities down to 56 km/h.
Standard fuel tanks are 2 x 32 litres, but many users prefer the 2 x 45 litres "extended range" tanks which allow a non-stop capability in excess of 1000 km.

Technical data

ICAO code: KP2

Version R80 R100 R115
Empty weight Basic (kg) 297 297 302
Maximum Takeoff Weight (kg) 450 450 450
Maximum Takeoff Weight equipped with parachute (kg) 472,5 472,5 472,5
Useful load (kg) 153 153 148
Fuel capacity (l) 64 64 64
Fuel capacity with additional tanks (l) 90 90 90
Engine Rotax 912UL Rotax 912ULS Rotax 914UL
Power 81hp at 5800rpm 100hp at 5800rpm 115hp at 5800rpm
Displacement 1211,2 cm3 1352 cm3 1211,2 cm3
Cooling air/oil/water air/oil/water air/oil/water
Carburettor 2 2 2
Electronic ignition 2 2 2
Fuel 95 octane 95 octane 95 octane
TBO 2000 h 2000 h 2000 h
Propeller 2 or 3 blades ground or flight adjustable
Wingspan 9,90 m
Length 7,00 m
Height 2,60 m
Cockpit width 1,20 m
Wings area 11,85 m2
Load factor +4 -2


ICAO code: KP2

Version R80 R100 R115
Take-off run (m) 100 90 85
Climb rate (m/s) 5,5 5,8 5,8
Climb speed (km/h) 110 110 110
Cruise speed max (km/h) 220 230 225
Cruise speed eco (km/h) 200 200 200
Landing run (m) 100 100 100
Consumption eco (l/h) 16/18 16 16/18
Endurance 3,0+0,5h (standard) / 4,5+0,5h (additional tanks)
Range 730 km (standard) / 1050 km (additional tanks)
Sink rate mini 2,6 m/s
Stall speed no flaps 70 km/h
Stall speed full flaps 55 km/h
Maneuvering speed (VA) 142 km/h
Never exceed speed (VNE) 260 km/h
Service ceiling 4500 m
Distance to clear 15 m at landing 250 m 250 m 250 m
Distance to clear 15 m at take-off 200 m 175 m 170 m


Here you can download the SKYLEADER 200 available documents.

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Price List

Here you can download the SKYLEADER 200 price list.

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