The X-AIR Kit

The kit is contained in two crates: one 365 x 74 x 46 cm weighing 201 kg and one 174 x 130 x 46 weighing 97 kg.

x-air kit boxes

All parts are lovingly packaged
The kit takes almost as long to unwrap as it does to actually put together.

x-air kit piecesx-air kit pieces

Many subassemblies come already assembled
This is the case for the control surfaces, the stabilizer and the ailerons which are already covered. The fuselage frame comes with all controls fitted. Almost all bolts are in place, ready for tightening.

A very complete assembly manual including text and many drawings will help you during all the steps of the assembly.

x-air kit assemblyx-air kit assembly x-air kit assembly

x-air kit assemblyx-air kit assemblyx-air kit assembly

The kit has the same philosophy for each X-AIR model: X-AIR S, X-AIR F, X-AIR Hanuman.

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