X-Air F

X-AIR FX-AIR F is the evolution of X-AIR S. The fuselage has been extended and offers an improved aerodynamic efficiency. The wing has been redesigned to give much more efficiency, adding FLAPS to maintain the STOL characteristics.
The result is a faster, agile aircraft capable of traveling longer distances and still able to land on small & rough country airstrips.

The airframe is assembled from aluminum tubing, with steel reinforcement and is covered in Dacron or Mylar sailcloth.
It is very easy to fly and highly dependable in use. It can be powered by two or four stroke engines from 50 to 85 hp.

It can be delivered ready to fly or in kit. The kit includes all components and it is the state of the art and extremely easy to built.


X-AIR wingX-AIR F is constructed using a technique that the factory has been refining over the past 20 years: Aluminum alloy tubing covered with stabilized sail cloth. This technique has many advantages over other methods of construction, such as economy, light-weight, and easy replacement of components by the user itself, making maintenance and repairs cheap and simple. Moreover, the structure will deform under impact, absorbing energy, thus providing an excellent passive safety factor.
All components are protected from Corrosion, by Epoxy / Polyurethane Paints, or Electrolytic processes to ensure a safe & long life of structural components even in Coastal Environments.

X-AIR cockpitFollowing the well proved X-AIR concept, X-AIR F features full dual controls, and is highly suitable for flight training operations.
Its behavior in flight is very similar to a conventional Light Aircraft. This makes X-AIR F an excellent machine for basic flight training at minimal capital & running costs, which are very low when compared to a conventional Light Aircraft.

Structurally the X-AIR F will endure stress upto 6 positive Gs, or 4 negative Gs. This is far beyond the limits to which the Aircraft will be exposed to, even in the most severe turbulent conditions.


X-AIR F can be motorized using:

  • 2-stroke engines
    • Rotax 503
    • Rotax 582
    • Simonini Victor 2 (*)
  • 4-stroke engines
    • HKS 700E
    • Jabiru 2200

(*) not factory tested or certified.

Technical data


Version 502T 602T 604T 804T J
Empty weight Basic (kg) 230 237 265 262
Empty weight max equipped (kg) 284 281 284 284
Empty weight max equipped with parachute (kg) 306,5 303,5 306,5 306,5
Maximum Takeoff Weight (kg) 450 450 450 450
Fuel capacity (l) 2x25 2x25 2x25 2x25
Engine Rotax 503 Rotax 582 HKS 700E Jabiru 2200
Power 52hp at 6500rpm 64hp at 6500rpm 60hp at 6200rpm 85hp at 3300rpm
Displacement 496,7 cm3 580,3 cm3 680 cm3 2200 cm3
Cooling air water air/oil air/oil
Carburettor 2 2 2 1
Electronic ignition 2 2 2 2
Fuel mixture 2% 2% - -
Fuel 92 octane 92 octane 95 octane 95 octane
TBO 300 h 300 h 800 h 2000 h
Wingspan 9,40 m
Length 5,65 m
Height 2,55 m
Cockpit width 1,16 m
Wings area 14,32 m2
Load factor +6 -3



Version 502T 602T 604T 804T J
Take off run (m) 140 120 120 100
Climb rate (m/s) 2,5 3 2,5 4,5
Cruise speed max (km/h) 110 115 115 130
Cruise speed eco (km/h) 85 90 90 110
Consumption eco (l/h) 12 9 12 9
Landing 80 m
Sink rate mini 3,5 m/s
Climb speed 80 km/h
Stall speed 53 km/h
VNE 155 km/h
Service ceiling 4000 m
fineness ratio 8 at 70 km/h
Distance to clear 15 m at landing 140 m
Distance to clear 15 m at take off 240 m 230 m 220 m 165 m


X-AIR kitThe X-AIR F standard kit includes:

  • complete structure
  • enclosed fuselage in dacron or mylar
  • windscreen and front streamlining
  • 2 fuel tanks (25 liters capacity each)
  • drum breaks on the main gear
  • complete suspension
  • dual control
  • elevator trim
  • wide cockpit entry
  • luggage rack
  • electric wiring.


  • doors
  • wing tanks
  • wheel pants
  • Fournales shock-absorbers
  • disc brakes
  • protection cover
  • ballistic parachute
  • radio
  • transponder
  • nav/strobo lights kit
  • landing light
  • floats
  • skis
  • banner towing kit.


Here you can download the X-AIR F available documents.

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Price List

Here you can download the X-AIR F price list.

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