Republic of Moldova Civil Aviation Day

Aeromnia will be a guest of their local dealer at the Republic of Moldova Civil Aviation Day, scheduled for Chisinau International Airport on Saturday, September 29, 2012.

Ziua Aviaţiei CivileThe event will have an additional element of curiosity for the local public: the presence of the ELA gyroplane for those who would like to have a closer look or watch the display flight included in the agenda.

It is worth remembering that Aeromnia and their dealer were responsible for the import and registration of the first autogiro in Moldova and are currently working to obtain national type certification.

Moldova has shown considerable interest in the gyroplane and its abilities, not merely for pleasure but also for aerial work; ELA produces a specific model intended for agricultural use which is particularly suited for use in Moldova, the sixth largest producer of wine in the world, as well as being a producer of high quality fruit and vegetables.

The event agenda is available here (in Romanian).
We invite you to check out the Events section of our website in the coming days to see photos of the event.

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