autogyroThe gyrocopter, also called gyroplane or autogyro, was invented in 1923 by the Spanish engineer Juan de la Cierva. It is a type of rotorcraft whose passive, non-driven rotor works in a permanent regime of autorotation due to the incident wind speed, while the engine drives a propeller to produce the thrust for the aircraft.

AEROMNIA has a deep experience about gyrocopters, selling, assisting and operating them from 2008.

ELA 07 Cougar

altThe ELA 07 Cougar brings the feeling of freedom and the pureness of the gyrocopter flight within our reach.
Starting from the most basic version, the Cougar can be fully adapted thanks to a wide choice of options that make it a real customizable rotorcraft.
The ELA 07 Cougar joins sportive look and simply irresistible features.

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ELA 07 S

altThe ELA 07S represents maximum comfort and elegance. It has been tested in the most adverse conditions with impressive results, demonstrating its great strength and reliability.
Several hundreds of ELA 07S fly daily around the world since their birth in 2005.

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ELA 07 Agro

ELA 07 AgroThe ELA 07 Agro is a professional gyroplane designed specifically for the fumigation of agricultural crops.
It can apply liquids at low and ultra low volumes and can also be used as a tandem autogyro with dual controls.

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