Alatus-M new concept in motorgliders

Manufactured by the Aerola company, Alatus-M is a microlight composite motorglider, offering advantages of different aircrafts:

  • compactness of hangglider,
  • comfort and performances of glider,
  • easy of use of a microlight

Alatus-M has been designed to comply with german standards LTF-UL and DULSV LFG, and with FAR-103 standards.

The engine pylon totally retractile allows very good gliding performances, the cockpit is spacious and vented and gives an excellent visibility. The aircraft can be dismantled by one person in about 40 minutes and carried on an ordinary car Each plane is delivered with its transport covers


Length 6,5 m
Height 1,16 m
Wing span 13,1 m
Wing area 13,2 m2
Aspect ratio 13,3
Cockpit: height /width 0,85 / 0,61
- Wing 5,9 X 0,64 X 0,4 m
- cockpit 2,9 X 0,6 X 0,9 m

Empty weight 80 kg 115 kg
Pilot weight range 60~110 kg 60~110 kg
Maximum take-off weight 200 kg 235 kg
Wing span 13,1 m2 13,1 m2
Wing area 13,2 m2 13,2 m2
Engine --- CorsAir M25Y ES
Stall speed 42 km/h 46 km/h
Maximum flying speed 130 km/h 130 km/h
Maximum L/D ratio (at 60 km/h) 27 27
Minimum rate of descent (at 50 êì/÷) 0,6 m/s 0,65 m/s
Rate of climb --- 2,0 m/s
Take-off distance 80 m 100 m
Fuil storage --- flight on 1,5 h

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