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DUC Hélices

Created in August 1997, DUC Hélices is a company specialized in manufacturing aeronautical carbon propellers.
Rapidly the company proved its products quality, which are developed by its founder Vincent DUQUEINE, who works in the field of composite materials since 1982, gaining considerable expertise in the implementation of these materials.

DUC bladeSince its creation, a full range of propellers was designed to meet all the needs of light aircraft; from the very light motorized with 40hp up to four places having 180hp.
DUC Hélices quickly obtained a worldwide reputation and actually carriers out more than 70% for export. 35 manufacturers and industrial rely on DUC products, equipping their aircraft propellers in our first climbs.

Today, DUC Hélices strives to answer all the problems of its users by providing a full range of accessories to get the best possible performance from their machine.

Always at the forefront of innovation, the Research Department of DUC Hélices works on new solutions for new product development. A dynamic team provides maintenance and usage tips.
Certified ISO 9001:2008 for its System of Quality Management, its objectives remain to provide high quality products with excellent performance, as aerodynamic noise.

DUC productionAlso, share its resources within its Engineering and Design Office, the company is present in several development projects for major manufacturers of aircraft and UAV.

Very active on the UAV market, DUC Hélices is able to meet the high requirements to equip a UAV. Indeed, new technology solutions have been developed (protection against lightning ...) and many qualification tests were conducted (vibration, shock, salt fog, humidity ...).

AEROMNIA started to distribute DUC propellers in Romania and Moldova on 2008, obtaining the distribution agreement also for Italy on 2011. AEROMNIA personnel perform pre and post sale assistance and consultancy to maintain every DUC propeller in a perfect status during all its life.

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