AEROMNIA is a company who had initially main profile of activity the commercialization of aeronautical spare parts and airplane. After a period our business has diversified, involved in adjacent projects promoting and supporting aviation.

We are always looking for competitive aeronautical products, software solutions and web applications that can offer security and confidence in the cockpit or specific software for processing shooting in flight with a drone.

Aeromnia tries to cover all these aspects with its actions, to satisfy all the needs of flight enthusiasts, pilots, producers and collaborators.

This is the challenge of every day for us.



to become an important provider for aviation products, changing the perception about the aeronautical activities, to introduce a new concept of aeronautical transport and explore business opportunities related to aviation, to close contracts for distribution on the market for quality products, performance and innovative.


to participate actively in all these changes, involving all our forces. Participation in the boldest projects, bringing the performance technology, attract more investors and promote aviation are just a part of our plans for the future.


to recognized Aeromnia like an important provider for aeronautical spare parts and promoter of aviation in Europe, actively involved in the presentation of the great achievements of the past but also of the present, to contribute with his actions to the growth and diversification of services offered.