Aviation has different sectors of activity. While civil aviation acts as a complex system of large organizations, general, sport and business aviation are a collection of companies working to provide specific, often niche solutions.

We know this market and its needs. If you are an operator who wants to improve his services or integrate a new technology, we can help you.

PFC flight simulator

information technology

Aviation evolution has shown all types of its activities gradually computerization. From management software to flight planning software with weather updates, from navigation systems to simulators; information technology helps and makes our work more secure every day.
Our consultants can help you introduce, manage and modernize information technology in your aviation business.


Drones represent the future of aviation, and the sector that will grow most in the coming years, creating solutions and facilitating many activities.

We have been drone operators since before the introduction of national and European legislation, we are certified to respect the rules, and we can organize and follow any project that uses them, from the simplest to the most complex.

DJI Inspire2


frequently asked questions

Aeromnia has two operational offices, one in Romania and the other in Italy. Both can offer all our services. Depending on the service and where the customer is located, it is served by the closest office.

We can participate in European Union projects both as a partner in a project with multiple companies, and as a lead company and promoter. Our position depends on the project and agreements for each situation.

Our managers are often around to assist customers and work on projects where needed. We advise you to contact us by email or via the contact form; we will reply you quickly.

We are particularly specialized in finding solutions to particular needs and discovering emerging and reliable technologies. Tell us your needs and we can quickly help you.